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November 15, 2007
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1. His Smile
2. His eyes
3. His laugh
4. His voice
5. His hands
6. His protective arms
7. His hugs
8. His kisses
9. His sarcasm
10. The way he strokes my cheek
11. The way he plays with my hair
12. The way he just watches me
13. The way he holds me when I'm scared
14. The way he holds my hand as we walk
15. His little concentrated look when he plays the guitar
16. His enthusiasm
17. The way he daydreams
18. The look he gives me when he just wakes up
19. The way he just cuddles me when I'm tired
20. The softness in his eyes when he's worried about me
21. The way he worries about me
22. The way he tells me everything
23. The way he kisses me to shut me up
24. The way his hand always finds mine
25. The gentleness of his touch
26. The way he cares for me
27. His disappointed face
28. The way he doesn't care how hyper or crazy I am
29. The way he kisses my neck
30. The way he looks when he's standing on the doorstep
31. The way he never wants to say goodbye
32. The way he always finds time for one more kiss
33. The way he denies how great he is
34. The way he misses me
35. The hopeful look in his eyes when you tell him you'll see him tomorrow
36. The upset look when you can't
37. The way he sounds so excited to hear my voice even at 3am
38. The way he strokes my nose
39. The way he nibbles my ear
40. The feel of his breathe on my neck
41. The way he talks to me about everything when he thinks I'm sleeping
42. The way he whispers against my neck
43. The smile he gives me when I talk to his car
44. The way he encourages me
45. The way he's always there for me
46. The way he tells me he loves me
47. The softness of his smile when I wake him up in the middle of the night to check he's still alive
48. The way he kisses away my tears
49. The way he laughs at me for counting hours when secretly he was doing it too
50. The simple understanding of how I feel without me saying a word
51. The way he texts me everyday to tell me he loves me
52. The way he protects me
53. His trust
54. The fact he loves me as I am and doesn't want to make me any different
55. The way he pines for me
56. His utter confidence in me
57. His loyalty
58. The way he just forgets what he's saying when he looks at me
59. The way he truly believes I'm beautiful
60. His possessiveness
61. The way he lets me pour all my thoughts and feelings onto him when I can't cope
62. The way he tones down his driving when I'm in the car
63. His passion for music
64. His love of Phantom
65. The way he tries so hard for my family to like him
66. The way he is able to laugh at himself
67. His determination to be what he wants to be even though he knows it'll be hard
68. The way he tells everyone about me
69. The way he thinks I'm so much better than I am
70. The way he keeps me warm when I'm cold
71. The way he just lets me read to him though he's not a huge fan of reading
72. The way he'll traipse around town with me if I want something
73. The way he truly spends time thinking about gifts
74. The way that he never seems to bore me no matter how long I'm with him
75. The way he just lets me sleep
76. The way he wakes me up when he wants someone to talk to
77. The way he teases me about how short I am next to him
78. His interest in new things
79. His acceptance of my flaws
80. His shyness around new people
81. His generosity
82. The way we can just sit and talk for hours about nothing and everything
83. How much of a gentleman he is
84. How much of a hopeless romantic he is
85. The way he makes me feel when he's around
86. The way he wont force me to do anything I don't want to
87. His acceptance and help with memories that haunt me
88. His genuine interest in things I like
89. His politeness
90. The way he is willing to meet my friends
91. The way he whispers 'I love you' when my parents are around
92. The way he seriously thinks about our future
93. The way he tells me he wants us to grow old together
94. His love of his family
95. The way he asks for things and doesn't demand them
96. The softness of his voice when I'm upset
97. The way he can calm me down when I'm angry
98. The way he makes me melt
99. The way he makes me need to be with him all the time
100. The way he accepted my heart when I offered it to him tattered and broken
For Tony X
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yoko10123 Featured By Owner Feb 24, 2012
This reminded me of my boyfriend (:
he does looots of these things xD
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Aquaashe Featured By Owner Nov 15, 2011
this made me kinda cry. dedicating this to my kai because he is most of these thing and i <3 him
tdiamond98 Featured By Owner Oct 31, 2011  Student Artist
I wish my bf would do those things
LovelyLisa15 Featured By Owner Jul 7, 2011   Writer
This is SO cute! :p
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u made me cry, of happyness, and remember y i love my best friend :')
BeautifulSunset Featured By Owner Jun 2, 2009
this is how i feel about my boyfriend
AnominusMidge Featured By Owner Jun 4, 2009  Hobbyist Writer
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BeautifulSunset Featured By Owner Jun 4, 2009
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